Microphobia is an abnormal, Microphobia Causes Symptoms dry mouth and anxiety attackpersistent fear of things that cause no real harm. While a person with such a fear understands that his or her fear is not logical, they find themselves helpless and fearful upon facing a feared situation.

A microphobe dreads anything that is small, such as germs. As these organisms are microscopic and difficult to visualize, they are often a cause of anxiety and fear that is debilitating.

But microphobia causes are not limited to tiny microorganisms but covers anything with a tiny size.The microphobe has an ever present awareness about the unknown that can be a reason for fearing small objects. In some, objects of benefit can also be viewed with suspicion and fear.

 Microphobia Causes :

This phobia is often a result of learned fear. In simpler words, such fear can get inherited by observing another person who has the fear.

The possibility of the phobia developing often depends on the trust one has in a person observed with the fear. The greater their judgment is relied on the more the chances of adopting their viewpoint (related to fear of small things).

The very perception about something small, totally taking you by surprise all of a sudden, is another among microphobia causes.

This may as well turn true when one witnesses a running mouse or another small creature. It is a reflection of one’s inner fear of the unknown which results in fear of small objects.

 Microphobia Symptoms

An individual with this phobia will avoid things or objects that are small sized. Such a phobic personality is not used to surprises and as a result will like items which are big enough, are easily visible so as to get endowed with some level of comfort.

Common Symptoms:

  • Profuse sweating
  • Nausea
  • Feeling out of breath
  • Dry mouth
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Panic
  • Shaking
  • Loss of control
  • Anxiety attack
  • Many who experience microphobia symptoms feel inwardly embarrassed by their physical reactions, but are often powerless to deal with the fear just by themselves.

Microphobia Treatment

Exposure therapy and systematic desensitization therapy are among the best methods used for microphobia treatment. These therapies help the patient come to terms with their fear following a step by step program.

The affected person is made to face the object of fear or its images so that gradually the patient is able to control the responses when faced with a given situation.

Such exposures are carried out in a controlled environment which makes this microphobia treatment method very reliable and effective.

It is a very efficient method. The affected individual by and large possesses an untapped ability to properly manage his or her response to the fear presented.

A therapist aids the phobic in restructuring and redirecting the response to a given stimuli. In a way this encourages an individual’s ability to manage the fear response which improves as the individual gradually learns to control his or her fear.