Top 10 Cancer Specialists in Mumbai


Here are some of the names of many such renowned cancer specialists in this field in Mumbai :


1. Dr. Suresh H Advani

Dr. Suresh H Advani

Dr. Suresh Advani’s patients refer to him as one of best oncologists in Mumbai. Many of those who have seen his miracles at work call him the best oncologist in India. Dr. Suresh Advani has many accolades in his possession from highly prestigious institutions.
His extraordinary story also attracts people to his caring hands. During the mid-1960s, he tried applying for medicine at Grant medical College but was denied admission solely for the fact that they didn’t want a ‘crippled’ man within their premises.
That however wasn’t sufficient to deter his dreams. He took this discriminatory case to the higher authorities and was finally admitted.
He’s known to be the first oncologist to have successfully performed a bone marrow transplant. The trials assisted bringing the success rates of such practices from 20% to 70%.

His expertise in the field of bone marrow transplant comes from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute in Seattle, USA.

By far in India, he’s the most trusted oncologist and patients who have completed their treatment successfully under him, prefer to visit him alone for all the re-visits.
Those who visit him speak highly of his compassionate nature and how his words alone are sufficient to bring a rejuvenating feeling to someone who is highly depressed of their malignant conditions.
For 28 years, he was the head of medical oncology department at Tata Memorial Hospital.
He was the recipient of Rashtriya Krantiveer Award, Padmabhushan Award, Life-time achievement in Oncology by Harvard Medical international, Padmashri Award, Dhanvantari award and many more.
At the end, adding all these experiences and credentials to his profession, he’s surely one of the best oncologists in Mumbai and in India.

2. Dr. Boman Dhabar

Dr. Boman Dhabar

Dr. Boman Dhabar is also regarded as one of the best oncologists in Mumbai for the honours that he’s received till date.
Dr. Boman Dhabar successfully finished his MBBS in Mumbai itself in April 1984 and has completed his MD in Internal Medicine from Mumbai University. He then went onto pursue his training in medical oncology and Haemato-oncology from the Prestigious Tata-Memorial Hospital in India, regarded as one of the best places for treating cancer.
He further went into complete his Certification and fellowship in medical oncology from European Society of Medical Oncology.
He has also attained certification and fellowship from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Washington and the University of Texas, MD Anderson cancer Center in the United States of America.
He was the president of the Mumbai Urological Society for the year 2003 and the president of the West Zone section of the Urological society of India in 2005.
His biggest achievement however was getting the honour of being the president of the Urological society of India in 2015.
Currently he practices his profession at the well-renowned Fortis Hospital in Mulund, Mumbai.

3. Dr Preetam Kumar Jain

Dr Preetam JainDr Preetam Kumar Jain is a popular Consultant Oncologist and Hematooncologist at S.L Raheja- Fortis Hospital, Mahim, Mumbai. He is known for his life saving treatments which are related to blood disorders. He is a specialist in cancers that are found commonly in women like breast cancer, ovarian cancer, Cervical cancer, Uterine cancer etc.
He has achieved a lot of awards and is appreciated for his great work which inspires a lot of medical students. He has always presented his oral and poster presentations in the best possible way.
Dr Jain inspires the youngsters to lead a healthy life. He actively conducted No Tobacco campaign with the youngsters in Mumbai. He has worked in the international cancer camp which was set-up at Kenya for the international patients.

4. Dr. Shishir Shetty

Dr. Shishir Shetty

If you take a look at the developments in the field of oncologists in India, you can say that it has evolved a lot over the years. This is because of the availability of the technologies & the highly skilled oncologists in India. And, one such surgical oncologist is Dr. SHISHIR SHETTY.

Dr. Shishir Shetty is considered as one of the most renowned oncologists in India. With 15 years of clinical experience, he was honored to be the first qualified surgical oncologist from Tata Memorial Hospital. His qualifications include M.Ch, DM surgical and Medical Oncology Programme in TATA Cancer Centre-Mumbai. He has done approximately 7500 cancer surgeries in Navi Mumbai & Raigad District Specialization: Trachea, Lung, Liver and pancreatic surgeries and also pioneered breast surgeries in the 3D implant in head and neck cancer surgery reconstruction.

Dr. Shishir Shetty is the Director of Oncology department at Fortis Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi. His previous experience includes working at prestigious institutions such as LTMC&H (Sion Hospital), Tata Memorial Centre and the Emory University.

He has been associated with various leading hospitals in Maharashtra and has worked as the Head of Department for Surgical Oncology in reputed hospitals.

His areas of special interest :
• Minimally Invasive Cancer Surgery
• High-Risk Surgeries
• Complex Thoracic and Hepato-Biliary Surgery
• Organ Preserving Surgeries for Breast
• Head & Neck Surgery
• Uro-Gynaec Oncology
• Colorectal surgery

5. Dr. Ramakant Deshpande

Dr. Ramakant Deshpande

Having close to 35 years of experience in the field of surgical oncology, Dr. Ramakant Deshpande currently practices at the Lilavati Hospital and Research center in Mumbai as a consulting oncologist.
His MBBS was completed in Karnataka Medical College, Hubli and Completed his post-graduation at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai.
Later he went onto complete his training at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in the Big Apple, New York, USA.
His introduction of the Thoracoscopic surgery at his Alma matter, Tata Memorial Hospital earned the title of one of the best oncologists in Mumbai by those who have experienced his healing strength.
Apart from these reputed titles he’s been blessed with, he also was the recipient for the Padma Shri Award of 2014 by the government of India.
Currently he is the chief thoracic oncologist at the Asian Institute of Oncology at the S.L. Raheja Hospital in Mumbai.
His specialization is mainly in the field of cancers pertaining to Lungs and the oesophagus. However, he also shares a keen interest towards Breast and paediatric cancers. His caring nature while dealing with issues as such in kids earned him a lot of respect from his patients.

6. Dr. Yogesh Kulkarni

Dr. Yogesh Kulkarni

The name is also among the most heard names in Mumbai, when it comes to cancers. Dr. Yogesh Kulkarni is one of the most famed surgical oncologists in the field of Gyno-Onco-surgery.
He has performed well over one thousand complex Surgeries related to the field of gynocology cancers till date at Kokilaben Hospital.
He has also performed over 200 Robotic surgeries for endometrial and cervical cancers.
Dr. Kulkarni performed the first radical Trachelectomy for cervical cancer on a four year old girl in India after she was tested positive for clear cell carcinoma of the cervix.
He also worked as a lecturer, department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology for five years at the infamous Grant Medical College, KEM and Wadia Hospital.

Later he joined the Tata memorial Hospital and continued his profession in his expertized specialization.
During his training there, he was exposed to a wide range of Gyno-oncology issues which he managed really well overtime.
At Tata Memorial Hospital, his rigorous training in Gynaecological surgeries and colonoscopy procedures, assisted him in performing well over 800 gynaecology cancer related surgeries such as Radical Hysterectomy, Radical Vulvectomy, Surgery for advanced ovarian cancers, Pelvic and Paraortic Lymphadnectomy, Illioinguinal Lymph Node dissection, surgery for endometrium carcinoma and uterine sarcomas.
Dr. Kulkarni shares a strong academic interest and published around 12 scientific papers. He was also called to speak on various national and international conferences on numerous occasions.

7. Dr. Amish V Dalal

Dr. Amish V Dalal

He is among the best surgical Gyno-onologist with an overwhelming experience of 30 years.
Dr. Amish V Dalal has earned his M.S. in general surgery from Mumbai University. He has also received his FRCS from Glasgow, Scotland and FICS from the International College of Surgeons.
He too was highly trained like the above mentioned oncologists, from the Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai in Surgical Oncology.
He also worked as a lecturer at the University of Liverpool and with the Royal Liverpool University for two years.
He has also received training from the Asan Medical center and Yonsei cancer center in Seoul, South Korea.
Currently he also practices Robotic surgeries which are deemed safer, easier and more painless compared to the traditional surgeries.
His special interests in the field of surgical oncology are Breast, Thyoid, colorectal and urological.
He currently consults patients at the Breach candy Hospital in Mumbai but also offers appointments at Jaslok Hospital and Bhatia General Hospital in Mumbai.

8. Dr. Sultan Pradhan

Dr. Sultan Pradhan

Dr. Sultan is one of the Best oncologists in Mumbai, as he deals with some of the most complex cancer cases, mainly cancers of the head and neck.
He has completed his MBBS and MS from University of Mumbai in 1969 and 1973 respectively.
He also completed his FCPS from Mumbai in 1974.
He went to Edinburgh to attain his FRCS in 1975 and FCS in 1980.
To shine his already glittering educational background, he earned his Diploma in Hospital management from TISS in 1978
Dr. Sultan Served as an assistant surgeon at the Tata medical Hospital during the beginning years of his career. Later he took on the role of the chief head at the neck surgical unit.
He also served as a professor of University of Mumbai in teaching about general surgery and surgical oncology.
Over the years he has held many prestigious roles within many of the health organizations. Currently he is a member of the Indian society of Oncology, American society of head and neck oncology and Indian society of Head and Neck Oncology.

He pioneered the following surgical methods:
• Gastric transposition for gullet reconstruction – 1978
• Marginal mandibulectomy – 1978
• Pleurectomy for malignant pleural effusion – 1979
• Supra omohyoid neck dissection – 1980
• Modified hip disarticulate – 1980
• Near total laryngectomy for advanced lateralized Ca. – 1989
• Microlaryngoscopic CO2 Laser Sx 1990
• Three quarter laryngectomy & Supracricoid laryngectomy for Transglottic cancer – 1991
He currently consults at the Breach candy Hospital in Mumbai

9. Dr. Dhairyasheel Savant

Dr. Dhairyasheel Savant

Dr. Dhairyasheel Savant is one of the most prestigious and best oncologists in Mumbai and even one among the best in the country. He has an experience of over 21 years in the field of surgical oncology.
He has performed several hundreds of complex procedures that earned him the trust of so many people.
He is also an expert at Reconstructive surgery.
He completed his MBBS from Grant Medical College and J.J. Group of hospitals in Mumbai, MS in general surgery from Tata Memorial Hospital and FICS from the International College of Surgeons.
He works at SL Raheja, Saifee Hospital, Breach candy Hospital and Asian Cancer Institute

10. Dr. Tapan K Sakia

Dr. Tapan K Sakia

Dr. Tapan K Sakia works as one of the consultants at Dr. L.H. Hiranandani Hospital, Mumbai and also a Consultant Medical Oncologist at Jaslok Hospital and research center.
He is also the head of the Oncology department at Aly Khan Hospital from June 2004 till date.
His MBBS and his MD were completed from the state of Assam, in North East India. He trained himself under the guidance of some of the best cancer specialists such as Dr. Suresh Advani, Dr. R Gopal and C. N. Nair. For this reason he is regarded as one of the best oncologists in Mumbai and even India as well.
He specialises in medical Oncology, Haemato-oncology and general oncology.

In general, Mumbai enjoys its fair share of fame in the context of technology, strong economy and boosts some of the best and renowned cancer hospitals in the country.

With some of the most advanced technology in the context of battling cancer, Mumbai continues to be the leading city where patients come from all over the nation and even from other parts of the globe to have their treatment done in this city.

Mumbai is also home to some of the oldest and prestigious cancer hospitals in the country. Tata Memorial Hospital, S.L. Raheja and Lilavati Hospitals are a handful of examples.

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